martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Cut up

The hackers have targetted a variety of different fascist groups, including Blood & Honour, Combat 18, the Creativity Movement, Vinlanders Social Club, Aryan Front, White Power Skinheads, the Empire Knights of the KKK, the National Socialist Movement, ISD Records, and more.
We did this in solidarity with our comrades who have been attacked by organized fascists in the past year - the November 8 attack at Jason and Bonnie Devine’s home in Calgary, the March 27th shooting of SHARP Luke Querner in Portland OR, the April 6 bombing of an anti-fascist house in Vancouver, and the murder of Russia RASH founder Ivan Khutorskoy just over one year ago. These incidents further demonstrate that the fascist threat can’t be ignored, and we need to take any and all forms of action to drive them off the street and off the Internet.

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