jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

From the sounds of you and me
love is whispering and callen we
it is never too late
it is always open!!! the gate
the gate for love and hate
why can't we, others tolerate
to awake, we must, from torpidity
and to stand up against this brutality
before all vanish like dew before the sun
and no mother will bring doughter or son
we must learn to analyze the true of our existence
belive me, it could make a big difference
all kind of all mankind we must associate
association, acclimatize, experience, others we will estimate
and guard against hypocrites and deserters
they only bring arrogance and full of rancorous.

Este poema fue escrito por Ramy Hujeirat y Paul
El 10/07/03 Paul cogio una barca y se adentro en el mar.
Su cuerpo apareció días más tarde.

En su memoria.

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