miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010

Cut up

The Sect of Revolutionaries arms itself again. In today's world the most violent thing is to remain passive. All our lives are overwhelmed by violence. And when it’s not the violence of the cops, the detention centres, the prisons, then things are even more treacherous. We are talking about violence without blood. The violence of the image, advertising, the consumerist high, the psychological dead end and loneliness. We live in squalid cities, eat plastic food, we inform ourselves with prefabricated news, buy brand products, we work in disgusting jobs, admire phony standards, we create small private cells inside our homes with cheerful furniture.
We are tired of this empty life. We said enough is enough ... no more lost days ... no more humiliation at work ... no more borrowed prayers for goodnight ...
So a year and a half ago we formed the Sect of Revolutionaries, which became the vehicle for our escape from the fucking calm of the world-prison we live in. Two or three guns to start with, some books and some delinquent knowledge from experiences of the past, combined with several "kilos" of determination and the confidence of a conscience that said: either human or pig, either fighter or enslaved, either revolution or compromise with resignation.
And so we began.

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